Science History in English

Monday 1:30pm --> 3:30pm, B124, note the new time!

Thursday 8:15am --> 10:15am, B124, (classroom uncertain)

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Principal Texts

Third Thoughts by Steven Weinberg, 2018. Kindle and (free) audio book versions available on

Inward Bound by Abraham Pais.

Week One

Week Two: September 24 and 27

Assigned reading:
Assigned writing: Please write on the course blog ; or prepare an oral presentation to give to the class this week. Please chose one of the following, or create your own assignement in the spirit of these:
Please write your text in the course blog or be prepared to read it in class.

Week Three: October 1 and 4

Assigned reading:

Week Four: October 8 and 15

Assigned reading:

Week Five: October 15 and/or 18

Assigned reading and listening: