Global Multi-Archive Current Meter Database:

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The history of this database, the quality control we've done, how to use the database are all described in this document.. Notes on specific archives, including problem records we've identified, are in this document.

Current release: GMACMD version 1.0

The current release has been updated substantially from the previous version used, for example, in Scott et al. 2010. We now have 45,376 raw current meter records (counting ADCP bins as separate records). Many of these are redundant. For example, for seafloor depths greater than 2000m there are only about 6,660 unique records. The greatest part of the additions are in coastal waters around North America, the British Isles. In terms of archives, we've added:
Added we've added more records by updating the existing archives:


Darran maintains the following file recording all the updates. A tar ball of all the updated scripts that should re-compile GMACMD version 1.0 with these bug fixes is available gmacmd_1p0_updates20110130.tar . Rob made this, not Darran the real expert, so it needs to be verified. Notice that CSIRO and TAO/Triton winds and TAO/Triton temperature have been commented out since we haven't yet verified these yet. (They are not part of release 1.0, but will be included in release 1.1. In fact, the QC of these records is what's slowing us down!) Email me if you have trouble downloading this file.

Coming soon ...

  • We're working on adding CSIRO records, but these require extensive QC.
  • We're working on adding TAO temperature and wind records, but haven't verified these yet.
  • We're always working on new ideas for automated QC. With so many records it's unfeasible to QC each record individually. We're using the redundancy of a good fraction of the records to confirm the quality of our database, and consistency with independent datasets such as Smith-Sandwell topography and WOA2009 temperature data.

  • Publications using GMACMD or the earlier CMD

  • Scott, R. B., B. K. Arbic, E. P. Chassignet, A. C. Coward, M., Maltrud, W. J. Merryfield, A. Srinivasan, and A. Varghese, Total kinetic energy in four global eddying ocean circulation models and over 5000 current meter records, Ocean Modelling, 32, 157-169, 2010, doi:10.1016/j.ocemod.2010.01.005, #2182
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