Introduction to fluid dynamics, 2019, by Robert Scott,

Class -- Batiment F 205

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  • Addtional resources

    Principle reference (in French)

    Mécanique des Fluids , (2017), par Olivier Arzel, see your database. This is the document I refer to in the class as "Arzel's notes".


    any introductory linear algebra textbook will cover matrices: their muliplication, addition, determinant, and trace

    Mathematics for Physicists: Introductory Concepts and Methods , (2019), by Alexander Altland and Jan von Delft

    Advanced by truely an introduction

    An Introduciton to fluid dynamics , (2000), by George Batchelor

    Voyez aussi:

    Fluid Mechanics , (1959), par Lev Landau et Evguéni Lifchitz